The Power solution in elevation.

Fox 50 VX L=4800 mm, 5260 mm, 5600 mm

Elevador electro-hidraúlico a tijera capacidad 5.000 kg.
El elevador es ya conforme à la actualización cib fecha Agosto 2010 de la norma europea EN 1493.


N - platforma estandard - versión sobre piso
CA - cavidad anterior para platos rodantes y/o detector de holguras
CT - alineación total cavidad anterior con placa oscilante trasera
LT - versión con elevador auxiliario para liberar las ruedas
I - versión empotrada


-The CT/LT version offers the maiximum versatility for the alignment service and any other use
-The access ramps/wheel stops hinged on the platforms eliminate obstacles on the floor when the lift is raised up.
-The levelling system is provided by master cylinders integrated into the hydraulic unit.
-The regulating bolts on the base (12) are double to allow regulation between the floor and the base, and between the base and the Platform (with lift closed).
-The front recess is 50 mm/1,9 inch deep
-The rear slip plate is 2270 mm/89,4 inch long and is built in the Platform. This is steel made and moves upon plastic rolls. Furthermore, thanks to its generous dimensioning it has +-3° angle of rotation.
-LT (Lift Table) 3.500 kg (7710 lbs)
The lift is already according the updating of August 2010 of the european Norm EN 1493

Safety Devices:

-Parahute valves on the lift and LT
-Automatically-activated mechanical safety locks
-Photocells for Platform synchronization control
-Limit switch with acoustic warning for the complete lowering
-Low voltage control circuit (24V)
-"Dead -man " Controls